Author Services

We offer serval author services including ghostwriting, critiquing, beta reading, and series bible creation for authors at all stages of their writing career. Check out the services below and fill out the form at the below to inquire about services.

Developmental Editing

I will dig into the story’s content and work on the flow of the story as well as plot hole fixes, world-building, the believability of the story, and characterization.

The cost is $0.015 per word. This includes the first two passes. If additional passes are required they will be charged at $0.01 per word.

For example, a 40,000 word manuscript will be $600 for the first 2 passes and $400 for each additional pass.

I can do dev edits chapter by chapter as you write, or after the manuscript is completed.

Note: Developmental Edits are not meant to correct grammar and line by line items. I highly recommend having a copy/line editor go through the manuscript for a final polish and check for grammar and content items that were missed in critiques.

Beta Reading

We will read your manuscript as a reader and provide feedback on the flow, the characters, what I loved and what I think needs more attention, and my overall opinion and suggestions.

Beta reading is not proofreading. I read it as a reader and don’t normally check for grammar. However, if I see something that stands out, I’ll point it out for you.

The cost for beta reading starts at $0.0025 per word with a minimum project charge of $25 (10,000 words)

Series Bible Creation

Book and series bibles are amazing to have on hand for a quick reference guide for writing the next book or creating a spin-off story or series. Let us do the research and create your bible.

We now offer Series Bible Creation! We’ll read your book(s) in a single series and create you a bible via word doc, excel spreadsheet, create it in Evernote or OneNote (clients choice).

The bible will include detailed notes on characters, setting, timeline, and world-building rules. We will also note any discrepancies we see along the way.

Pricing is calculated on a per book basis with novellas less than novels. I invoice for the complete series or the number of books completed. For example, if you have 3 books finished in the series, I will invoice for those three books up front.

There is a 3 book minimum requirement for all bible services. A 50% down payment is required for me to get started and the balance is due before I hand over the completed bible.


Novellas up to 50,000 words per book – $60 per book ($180 for the three book minimum)

Novels from 50,001 – 100,000 words per book – $95 per book ($285 for the three book minimum)

**contact us for a quote for books bigger than 100,000 words

Note: Books must be professionally edited before sending them in for the bible creation. If you need critiques or developmental editing, see our services page for our Critiquing Services. If your books are in KU, let me know and I’ll pull them from there. 😀 

Outlining/Worldbuilding Services

I offer detailed chapter by chapter outlines. Whether you have the world created and character fleshed out or no idea where to start, I can help. Our outlining prices vary from project to project and depends on the required word count. Below are the price ranges.

A detailed outline based on your worldbuilding and characters – $100 and up

A detailed outline, worldbuilding, character sheets, blurb, Series bible, and synopsis based off your idea – $300 and up


I offer ghostwriting services for novellas to novels (5,000 words and up).  Stories 20k words and more will need a chapter by chapter outline and a brief description of the book. If you don’t have an outline, I can assist you with creating one for a slightly higher fee.

Prices levels:

If the author provides a chapter by chapter outline – $0.05/word

If I create a chapter by chapter outline – $0.06/word

 If I do the worldbuilding and create the character detail sheets and outline – $0.07/word 

I can typically write 2 chapters a week or about 20,000 words per month. However, the length of the project varies depending on the length of the manuscript and the amount of time I need for researching. If you need help with creating an outline, the project timeline is longer. The project timeline will be discussed in the initial consultation. Below is a guide on project timelines.

Novellas Up to 20,000 words – 1 month

Novellas 20,001 – 40,000 words – 2 months

Novels 40,001 – 80,000 words – 4 months

~ Scene Writing ~

I now offer scene writing and short fiction (in the genres I read and write in listed at the bottom of the page. If you struggle with writing certain scenes, such as love scenes (any heat level), fight scenes, and more, I can help by writing a generic draft you can easily revise to fit into your current story.

Short stories include a brief set up to introduce the characters and their goals, the single plot to reach that goal, and the conclusion to make it a short, but complete story. They can be as short as 2,ooo words and as high as 10,000 words.

Prices for scenes and shorts is 0.05 per word with a $100 minimum.

Genres I read and write

Romance – most subgenres except historical and erotica (erotic romance with an HEA is okay), including Reverse Harem, MM, FF, MFM, and other combinations.

Fantasy and Sci-fi – all except hard sci-fi that requires extensive research and epic fantasy.

Mysteries and Thrillers (including cozies/cozy mysteries) – mysteries will especially require a chapter-by-chapter outline. I can assist/outline these for you, but the rate will reflect the work required.

Urban Fantasies

Young Adult


Ghostwriting services requires a $20 non-refundable booking fee AND 25% of the estimated project cost at the time of scheduling. 50% of the project cost is due at the half-way point, and then the balance of the invoice is due upon delivery of the manuscript.

All other services require a 50% deposit of the estimated project cost at the time of booking. The balance is due upon completion of the project.

Communication is very importation to me. I am always available to talk with clients via email and FB  messenger and video chat.

Inquire about our services by completing the form below. Please be as detailed as you about your project.

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